The obligatory origin story…

with great power
I’m not a mutant, I wasn’t bitten by a radioactive typewriter and my parents weren’t murdered by a cowardly criminal blogger, so the origin of this page is far more prosaic.

It all started… cue dramatic but uplifting music… on Facebook. Years of writing posts reviewing films and TV series finally led to friends requesting that I put my writings in a place that could be more easily accessed than the endless scrolling necessary on that site (though I can’t even begin to guess why anyone wouldn’t want to spend hours searching through drunken status updates and photos of me in my underwear to get to a review of Gareth Edward’s Godzilla).

So if you’re looking for someone to blame, as you sigh at the sight of yet another morass of words added to the onrushing tidal wave of blog pages, just blame my friends. Or Facebook. Or my ego. They’re all culpable.

For anyone discovering these words by accident, my newfound writing superpowers here do have some relation to my background (and indeed my career). I worked in comic books for many years, both as an artist and a scriptwriter, working with the likes of Warner Bros., DC Comics, Marvel UK, Express Newspapers, Cartoon Network and many more. I’ve written for comic books, magazines, books, newspapers, radio and TV. I now work in both education and the animation industry and my writing has continued into both these areas.

For those of you who’ve followed me here from Facebook, well… you asked for this.

So there we are, this post is the equivalent of Superman The Movie, Batman Begins or poor Marc Webb’s ultimately unfinished Spider-Man films (which seemed determined to drag the webspinner’s origin out across at least three movies). Now the dull old origin tale is out of the way we can move on to more exciting adventures, I hope you’ll join me.

At the very least you won’t have to look at photos of me in my underwear.

Image is © Marvel Comics Group


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